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Yesterday on SlaveNation the topic was Feminism and the negative effect they have on women. Although feminist say they are fighting for women’s rights.They are doing damage.I also answered questions that were sent to me.

I will also be discussing Masters, all they do for us.Also we will be discussing stuff we can do to make their lives easier , without overstepping bounds.As well as communication. All this will be discussed
on Sunday August 5,2018.

As slaves we are taught to follow orders. Sometimes we forget to show our masters.Just how important they are. I believe that is something that should be discussed.

Lastly do not forget you are still eligible to enter SlaveNation summer Christmas contest. Tell why you are sad you missed the show and you are entered. Drawing to happen on Sept 2nd. One entry per show. If you missed the show you can listen on YouTube and are also eligible to enter. After you listen , say what you like about the show. It is that easy. Send entries to

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