Amazon carries The-Me-Line!

Yeah, it’s true. The-Me-Line can now be found on Amazon. The call came in, what do you think about Amazon carrying The-Me-Line? At first I thought it was a joke. Then I realized he was serious. I had to sit with it for a few minutes. Then I thought why not, lets do it. Before I new it it was done.

Amazon – online shopping  Laptop

Amazon – online shopping Mobile


Album release!


The band is called Permission. The album is called “1 Rule Supersedes.” Release date is February 14, 2019 Valentines Day. This album will consist of mostly originals and  a few well known classics. Over the past year there has been two singles released. The first is called Permission Industrial this number can be gotten as a free download. The second is call She Bled. Both can be found here for purchase.


Set list will include these and more!

  1. Permission Industrial
  2. Dig
  3. She Bled
  4. Scared


Princess Gemini

Come one come all and welcome Princess Gemini. This beautiful morsel is sport’n “Fuck Me” a sticker from The-Me-Line. We have been after her for a while and now she is here and smoke’n hot. Why the “Fuck Me” stickers? We are not sure why don’t you ask her.


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