Buy in bulk.

This is where you can buy tee shirts in bulk, a great gross (1728 unit) or more. These are “1 Rule Supersedes” tee shirts. Do to the fact that tee shirts are difficult for us to purchase we ask that you leave a 70% deposit, $60,500.00, and please be patient. Tee shirts are reasonably priced wholesale at $50 a unit giving it a total of $86,500. Colors, sizes, styles are of our choosing. The above pricing is for 1 quantity. Thank you! 


When buying in bulk 

1 quantity is 1728 units total cost of $86,500.00 plus delivery.

2 quantity is 3456 units total cost of  $173,000.00 plus delivery.

and so on.

Some examples of "1 Rule Supersedes" styles.

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