This is “1 Rule Supersedes” Goodies page. Here you will find a lot of different things that are going on with us. Some things are for sale and some things are free. So if you have the time check them all out!

The-Me-Line Tee shirts with matching sticker

Now that you got the sticker get The-Me-Line tee shirt to match. If you don’t see the one you like we have more.

Buy The-Me-Line stickers in bulk.

Do you own a store or are you having a party? You can buy The-Me-Line stickers in bulk.

  • Don’t see what you like? We have more.

Stop the music!

If you can.

 Dig the music/video? Get the downloads FREE man!

The music/mp3 downloads in a minute.

The video/mp4 takes a while. Be patient.

This one you have to pay for.

Release date.

Valentine's Day, 2019!

Some of the set list.

1) Permission Industrial

2) Dig

3) She bled/said

4) Scared

And more!