Sunday’s Show August 11, 2018

Slave Nation will be having two special guest tomorrow.
DarkPhoenix and his slave DesireeKitten. They are a lovely M/s couple.
I am looking forward to having them on the show & talking with them.
The show will be super fun. DarkPhoenix has years of experience while his slave is new and starting out. Though she is new, she is a natural.

Tune in to 7pm EST
You can also send questions you would like answered to

Remember we are still running our prize give away. We will be announcing the winner on Sept 2nd. There is one entry per show. If you miss the show you can listen to the current shows eligible for prizes on our YouTube Channel.The rules are simple. Tell us what you like about the show and you are entered. We are giving away a surprise box of kink goodies. Also included is a fabulous t-shirt of your choice from ( Thank you for all your support & helping make the show better!) So, if you are entering the contest, start looking now!

AntiqueDeb of SlaveNation

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