Terms – Conditions – Privacy

Terms and Conditions


30 day return policy for store credit – Excluding bulk buying.


Delivery time based on product and conditions.

Privacy – Your personal information will never be sold or bartered. You personal information is completely confidential. We only collect information, from you, that we need to make your shopping experience we us a positive one. For example when purchasing, there is certain information we will need to deliver your order. Information such as name, address, date ECT. This information is used to keep record of your order for delivery, reorders and unfortunately in some cases returns. Your payment information such as credit card numbers is never collected for any reason. Even at the time of your purchase we never see your payment numbers so there is no way to collect such information. 

Further information – For further information you can contact me directly @ 1rulesupersedes@gmail.com, please add further information in the subject line of your email or for a quicker response text me @ 1 (973) 782-3041.